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2018 was filled with high ponytailed looks ! We saw different ways to wear it as well, from sleek straight, to high and messy ! Nevertheless, it never seemed to fail and safe to say the high pony is here to stay !!!

Here are some tips and tricks on how to recreate this look ...

what you need

- dry shampoo or texturing powder

- wax spray

- strong hold finish hair spray

- dry conditioner spray (optional for extensions )

- small clear rubber bands

- no slip hair tie

1. apply dry shampoo from roots to ends to ends, this will help in holding your ponytail and create texture.

Start off with a high ponytail at the crown of your head.

2. These next few steps are optional .. i added extensions to models head to create more body and add length.

Apply clip in extension around the ponytail..

3. Make sure all extensions are pulled up into a ponytail . You will need clear small rubber bands for this.

4. Now the real fun begins .. smooth hairs back and connect them with your ponytail you first created. I like to do this section by section , so i start on top first and make way to the bottom. this helps create a sleek and polish look.

5. spray with hairspray and secure into a ponytail.

6. repeat step 4-5 on Bottom half.

8. Grab a small section of hair and wrap around ponytail.

9. Secure with bobby pin . Remember to pin either on the side of the ponytail or behind so you avoid showing the bobby-pin.

10. Spray a tooth brush or edge brush with hair spray to brush away any flyways on the small section you wrapped around the ponytail.

11. Curl hair . I wanted to create a full and curly look, so this step is optional. you could also flat iron for a sleek look.

12. Spray wax spray to mold and hold your curls.

13. Comb out any flay aways with the edge brush (or toothbrush). Or comb out and lay baby hairs smooth around hair line.

14. Don't forget a bold lipstick !!!

15. FIN

These are some inspo photos that inspired me to help create this look. I Love how you can dress up this ponytail for a night out.

photos taken by the talented Paris Karsh

follow her @pariskarshphoto

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