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This Look is super easy and fun ! follow the steps below to recreate this look !

What you need :

- Shine spray

- shine serum

- wax gel

- glitter or glitter foam

-spray water bottle

1. Apply shine serum roots to ends and blow dry smooth.

2. Spray water roots to ends . Apply enough to make hair damp. Comb Hair back.

3. Apply styling wax roots to ends. start at the bottom and work your way up.

4. Make sure to take your time and do this in sections. This will help hold your hair into place.

5. Part your hair and comb back . Make sure your part is deep and neat.

6. Spray a shine spray roots to ends.

7. This is optional , spay glitter in your hair for a HIGH shine effect.

8. Use Foamo mouse and apply around hair line.

9. Add some clips. I bought these at Ultra, they really add a statement to this look.

10. FIN

photos by talented Paris Karsh

follow her @pariskarshphoto

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